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AgriNomix Tray Forks

AgriNomix Tray Forks significantly reduce the labor required to move plant trays around a greenhouse or nursery. When used in combination with production and/or shipping Buffer Belt Systems, Tray Forks can dramatically reduce a grower’s total labor used for material handling. Hundreds of plants are moved at a time with one person instead of double handling by hand onto carts/wagons and off again. Tray Forks are engineered to fit on the Prins Maasdijk Trike, Electro, Boxer, and other traditional forklifts. Each fork is custom designed based on the trays, wagon size, and greenhouse/nursery layout. Rugged mast will handle lifts over 2000 pounds. Forks tines are adjustable to the width of your trays. The inverted “T” shaped tine allows for picking up low profile trays.

(Sample trays are requested from the customer for evaluation and design.)



  • Custom sized mast based on application (up to 12’ wide)
  • Fork tines up to 6’ long
  • Adjustable fork tine spacing to accommodate different size trays



  • Custom designed to each customer’s needs


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