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AgriNomix Pot Forks

AgriNomix Pot Forks significantly reduce the labor required to move plants around the greenhouse or nursery. When used in combination with Buffer Belt Systems, Pot Forks can dramatically reduce a grower’s labor requirements for material handling. Hundreds of pots are moved at one time with a set of forks. Forks can be used for loading and unloading carts or wagons and set down in the growing area. Pot Forks are engineered to fit on the Prins Maasdijk Trike, Electro, Boxer, and other traditional forklifts. Forks are custom designed based on the pots, wagon size, and greenhouse/nursery spacing. The rugged mast will handle lifts over 2000 pounds. Tines are attached to the mast with individual brackets to allow for adjust-ability. The top side of the fork has laser cut “Y” shaped serrated edges which help secure pots on the tines. The 2-part pressed form of the tine is designed for strength and to align pots upon entry and pick-up.

Pots to be used with forks must have a sturdy lip. Sample pots are requested for evaluation and design.

Layout Drawing


  • Custom sized mast based on application (up to 12’ wide)
  • Available for 1 to 15-gallon pots
  • Tines up to 6’ long
  • Adjustable Fork Tine Spacing for different size pots


  • Low profile forks for 1-gallon pots and smaller



  • Custom designed to each customer’s needs


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