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RN-12 Plug Tray Filler

Unmatched uniformity describes the results produced by this unique plug tray filler. Specially designed linear agitators ensure consistent filling from end to end and side to side. Efficient and versatile, this filler is easy and fast to adjust with just 2 handles. The RN12 is equipped with an innovative system to adjust and achieve the desired level of soil compaction. With the capabilities of filling up to 800 trays per hour and containers up to 8.5” tall, this machine is productive all season long. Standard features include built-in line integration, extra capacity soil return, variable speed soil supply, and variable speed belt control.



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Layout Drawing
video of the RN12 plug tray filler


• High uniformity in tray filling
• Double chain soil elevator
• Tray cleaning spiral brush off unit
• Powered auger soil return system
• Adjustable linear soil compaction rotor
• Powered outfeed roller section
• Easy and fast adjustment with only two handles
• Power agitator inside soil hopper

Soil Capacity:
• Standard: .91 cubic yard hopper
• Optional: 1.3 cubic yard hopper

• 200-800 trays per hour

Power Requirements:
• 230VAC, 3 phase, 22 amps

• 1807 lbs.

• 98″ L x 97″ W x 88 ” H
• Max. container dimensions: 15.75″ W x 8.5″ H


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