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RC65 Plug Tray Filler

Providing the high level of fill and compaction uniformity needed for filling plug trays, the RC65 is our lower cost alternative plug tray filler. Still loaded with high-end features, including a hopper soil conveyor, double soil chain elevator, and excellent compaction features, the RC65 packs real filling power for the price. Capable of filling up to 800 plug trays per hour, and containers up to 7.75” tall, this machine is useful all season long. Standard features include built-in line integration, extra capacity soil return, and variable speed belt control.


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•Scoop soil elevator with double chain
•High grip belt advancement of trays. Conveyor belt length = 5.57 ft.
•Double spiral soil leveler
•Automatic soil control sensors
•Tray cleaning brush
•Built-in integration to any seeding machine


Soil Capacity: 28 cu. ft.

Speed: up to 800 trays / hour

Max Container Height: 7.75”

Max Container Width: 19.5”

Max Container Length: 29.5”

Power: 220 v, 3 phase, 20 A

Weight: 1,290 lbs

Dimensions: 7’-8” L x 6’-6” W x 7’-1” H


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