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KV-XM Tray & Pot Filler

The latest addition to the AgriNomix line of filling machines is the all new KV-XM Tray & Pot Filler. Equipped with a 31.5″-wide, heavy-duty, double galvanized elevator chain, this filler can deliver up to a .5 yard of soil per minute. The KV-XM allows you to quickly and uniformly fill trays and pots up to 17.75″ in height. Soil density and compaction are precisely controlled by a longitudinal rotor drop system made up of 4 blades, along with a powered roller, leveling auger, and finishing brush. All are quickly and easily adjusted with crank handles. The KV-XM utilizes powered outfeed rollers along with a lower conveyor belt to efficiently return excess soil back into circulation. These features, combined with the high production rates and the reduced maintenance requirements, make this machine a guarantee in terms of optimization of time and resources.


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•Longitudinal 4- blade compactor
• Compaction roller
• Leveling auger and spiral finishing brush
• Moveable control panel
• Heavy duty wheel kit
• Powered outfeed rollers
• Left hand and right hand models
• Air blow off kit
• Variable speed soil elevator and conveyor
• In-feed buffer area
• Extended soil return

• Programmable control panel
• Hopper emptying option

Dimensions: 160″ L x 87.25″ W x 73.5″ H

Soil Capacity:
• Hopper Capacity: 1 yard
• Soil Elevator Capacity: .5 yard/min

Filling Rate: Up to 1,200 12″ pots/hour

Max Container Height: 17.75″

Minimum Container Height: 1.25″

Max Container Width: Up to 17.75″

Power Requirements:
• STD- 220 VAC, 3 phase, 20 amps
• OPTIONAL- 220 VAC, 1 phase, 20 amps

Weight: 2,865 lbs.


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