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KV-M Filling Machine

Precise filling of containers up to 12″ H x 17″ W is accomplished using inverter-duty, variable-speed motors to control the flat belt and soil elevator. Soil chain link roller bearings and hardened steel wear plates in the soil hopper prevent premature wear to the chain and hopper bed. 1/8″ steel construction leads to long life. A totally enclosed auger under the flat belt and powered roller outfeed returns excess soil to the soil hopper. An extended power outfeed roller section increases the soil return capacity to remove the overfill from open marketing and web shuttle trays. Easy to use, adjustments enable quick changeovers from one container to the next. The KV-M is the complete package: productive, flexible, reliable, and easy to use.


KV-M_Filler_Small2KV-M _Filler_Small3KV-M_Filler_Small1

PDF Brochure
Layout Drawing
video of the KVM flat and pot filler


• Actuated blade compactor
• Compaction roller
• Spiral finishing brush
• Pivoting soil guides
• Standard rolling casters
• Standard powered outfeed rollers
• Left hand and right hand models
• Air blow off kit
• Hand adjustable compactor, power brush, and conveyor guide rails
• Variable speed soil elevator and conveyor
• In-feed buffer area
• Extended power outfeed rollers for market and web tray filling

• Extended power outfeed rollers for market and web tray filling

Soil Capacity:
• Standard: .92 cubic yard hopper
• Optional: 1.11 cubic yard extension power feed hopper

• Up to 1350 Flats per hour

Power Requirements:
• 220VAC, 3 phase, 19 amps

Container Height:
• 1-3/16″ to 12″

Container Width:
• 4″ to 17-3/4″

• 2,860 lbs.

• 12′-11″ L x 7′-7″ W


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