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Versa X2+ Pot Dispenser

The Versa x2+ Pot Dispenser reduces labor requirements on high throughput production lines by automatically dispensing pots into shuttle trays using an advanced double-head solution. This innovative dispenser design utilizes two vacuum cups per pot to securely grip pots from the inside walls before inverting them to place them directly into the shuttle tray. This secure, high-speed transfer method is ideal for plastic pots that are not easily separated on gravity-feed style dispensing machines and for “press-fit” pot and shuttle tray designs. Issues that challenge a conventional dispenser like thin wall light-weight plastics, static electricity, wet pots, and close-fitting pots and shuttle trays present no problem for the Versa x2+ Pot Dispenser.Double Versa Pot Dispenser (Front Elev 7-3-2014)-LO RES

Double Versa Pot Dispenser (Inside Photo 7-3-2014)

Dispenses up to 1,700 trays per hour.

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Layout Drawing


• Up to 6” tall pots, 6-1/2” wide
• Double head dispensing for speed
• Dispenses square and round pots
• Tray turning rail
• Ready to integrate into transplanting line

• 2 Row Tray: 1700* trays/hr
• 3 Row Tray: 1100* trays/hr
*Based on 4” pots; Larger pots will decrease trays/hr

Power Requirements:
• 110 V, 4 A

• 84” long x 58” wide

Air Requirements:
• 5 CFM @ 80 PSI


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