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Drive Line Conveyors

Drive Line Conveyors are portable, modular conveyors used to provide short- or long-term solutions for efficiently moving plants throughout a greenhouse or nursery. What makes these conveyors unique is they are connected section to section by a driveshaft under the conveyor bed with a spring-loaded quick coupler. Available in sections of 2-6 meters, the conveyors are easily moved into place to form up to a 50-meter conveyor (over 150 feet), with only one variable-speed Drive unit required. The Drive Line Conveyors are built from aluminum extrusions and are offered in a slide or roller bed. Fixed or tripod legs are available, as are wheels to make moving sections even easier. Multiple drives & slaves can be laid out to create multi-directional conveyance systems. Optional lengths, widths and accessories are available as outlined below.

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video of the driveline conveyors


  • Standard Length Drive: 3 Meters (9.85’)
  • Standard Length Slave: 6 Meters (19.7’)
  • Standard Width: 250 mm (9.85”)
  • Roller or Slide Bed available
  • Aluminum Frames
  • Variable speed drive



  • 3M Drive: 95 lbs + legs
  • 6M Slave: 110 lbs + legs


  • Lengths: Drive 2-6 Meters, Slave 3-6 Meters
  • Widths: 170 – 450 mm
  • Fixed Support or Adjustable Tripod Legs
  • Fixed Legs w/ wheels
  • Reversing
  • Dual Direction Drive Shaft
  • Turning Kits or Power Turning Unit
  • Counting Unit


Electrical Requirements:

  • 110 VAC or 220 VAC Single Phase

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