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Automated Shipping System

SHIPPING.  For many growers, this is the part of their operation they see the most room for improvement.  For some growers their shipping system, or lack of it, is one of the most challenging areas of their businesses.

How many times have you seen it, carts chaotically being pulled around shipping areas, “grocery shopping” to fill orders?  Discouragingly disorganized, inefficient, time/labor consuming, and perhaps worst of all, prone to all kinds of error.  Errors in shipping translate to lost revenue, administrative/billing cleanup, and ultimately, unhappy customers. Many operations have simply grown out of their shipping methodology and keep adding band-aides (like more labor) and workarounds every year without addressing the root issues.

The question is:  Is there a better way?!?

If you have any interest in the answer to this question, the next thing you should do is:

As you saw in the video, this system changes the entire shipping paradigm by moving the correct product directly to the shipping carts, set in a stationary, coded grid, and loaded by workers reading simple location codes printed directly on the trays.


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Features / Benefits:

    • Fundamentally changes the normal shipping scheme by bringing the product to the correct cart “lanes” and then providing simple, error-free instructions of exact cart/shelf position to human loaders.
    • Integrates into customer computer system and works directly off the “Master Pick List”.
    • Tailor made for operations that have many smaller orders and therefore need to have more than one order on a truck.
    • System allows for multiple tray entry points such a direct conveyors from the greenhouse, or an entry conveyor loaded from carts.
    • Systems shown in the above videos are rated at 1,500 and 2,250 trays per hour, respectively.
    • Enables “bench running” by accepting all trays from a bench, and then kicking trays that are not part of an order out of the system for consolidation.
  • System is fast, accurate, saves a significant amount of labor, and gets orders out on time.


  • System custom built to our customers’ specifications.

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