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Individual Pot Waterer

The Individual Pot Waterer is ideal for watering potted plants in exact doses with out wasting water. It can be integrated within a production or shipping line or set up as a portable, stand-alone unit. Up to four electric photo eye controlled watering heads with variable watering duration timers can be specified. Watering in stages with controlled dosing provides uniform growing media saturation and eliminates messy spillovers. The stainless steel construction completes the package making this unit a durable, efficient, and flexible pot watering solution.



PDF Brochure
Layout Drawing


• Stainless steel construction
• Drain pan
• Caster wheels
• Adjustable watering heads
• Electronic water dosing control

Electrical Requirements:
• 110 VAC, 3 Amps

• 60″L x 28″W x 27″Hz

• 2, 3, or 4 watering heads
• Integrated, non-corroding, aluminum frame roller bed conveyor (shown)


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