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Martin Stolze 3030 Potting Machine

The Martin Stolze 3030 is “the potting machine re-invented.”  It’s robust construction, advanced drive system, plc control and user friendly color touch screen, enables smooth operation at highly productive speeds. The 3030 can accommodate pots from 2.75” up to 12.0” in diameter depending on which of three different potting modes are used; Single (up to 9.5″ diameter pots), Double (up to 5.5″ pots) or Alternate (up to 12.0″ pots).

Filling capacity can reach up to 8,000 pots per hour, depending on pot size, speed setting and potting mode. An automatic pot de-stacker with in-feed conveyor is available which ensures pots are dispensed rapidly and smoothly enough to keep up with high potting speeds. The adjustable drill unit quickly prepares the soil for the manual or automatic planting of plugs or liners. The combination of front wheels, rear casters, and built-in fork pockets make it easy to move and position the potter anywhere in the facility. In short, the future of potting has arrived — in the form of the 3030 Potting Machine!


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• Easy to use operator touch screen
• Motor driven pot chain and drill assembly
• Standard and Extended machine lengths
• Variable speed adjustment for soil supply and potting speed
• Single or double pot de-stacker and drill unit
• Standard pneumatic pot take-off arm
• Emergency stop buttons (3)
• Excess soil falls directly into the full length soil bunker

Soil Hopper Capacity:
• 1.5 Cubic Yards

• Osmacote dispenser
• Bulb/Bare root planting option
• Mechanical pot dispenser and take-off arm

Electrical Requirements:
• 230VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 30 Amps

Air Pressure:
• 14 CFM@ 90 psi (dry, filtered air)

• 2,425 lbs.

Hopper Height :
• 53″

• Standard Machine (154”L x 55”W x 82”H)
• Extended Machine (193”L x 55”W x 82”H)

• Fork Pockets
• Front -16” solid rubber wheels
• Rear – 6”swivel casters with brake
• Tow bar

Container Sizes:
• Single Mode (2.75” – 9.5” diameter)
• Double Mode (2.75” – 5.5” diameter)
• Alternate Mode (2.75” – 12.0” diameter)

Potting Capacity:
• Single Mode (Up to 4,000 pots/hr.)
• Double Mode (Up to 8,000 pots/hr.)
• Alternate Mode (Up to 1,800 pots/hr.)

Optional Items:
• Integrated pot take-off conveyor
• Pot de-stacker
• Pot supply belt to de-stacker
• Remote on-line service assistance


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