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Portable Pot/Tray Labeler

This new labeling machine, from one of our most respected European suppliers, reliably “sticks” pre-printed labels to plant pots and trays. The machine is equipped with wheels so you can easily put it next a conveyor belt and apply labels “in-line” during the production process. It can be easily and quickly adjusted in height and angle for maximum flexibility and ease of change over. The labeler can be programmed using two dials which regulate the supply speed and the travel distance of the labels. The machine is equipped with adjustable rings for different diameters for the label rolls, so different size label rolls can be used.


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Applications per minute:

  • 4 inch pots — Tested up to 115 per minute, higher speeds possible
  • Trays — Dependent on belt speed


Electrical Requirements:

  • 120 VAC



  • 800mm W x 1300mm H x 800mm L
  • Weight 40 kg


  • Portable for easy positioning where needed
  • Fast, easy set up and change over
  • Durable, heavy duty construction
  • Up to 6cm long and between 2cm – 5cm tall



  • Left side version
  • Alarm for empty roll


Dual Labeler Rolling Platform:

  • Can be used to label individual pots or pots in two row shuttle trays on both sides
  • Designed to be rolled into position at the front or end of a filling or planting production line
  • Mounted on lockable casters, unit can be easily


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